‘Abbey Road…The walls reverberated with the ghosts of Vladimir Horowitz, The Dark Side, Ringo, The Piper at the Edge, Harry Potter, OK Computer, Pablo Casals, Expresso Bongo, Echoes of Fela’s London Scene, Truth, Thunderbirds are Go. Here was my chance to add to this story so 88 Tuned Dreams later and fourteen of them are here, for groovers to film flies to, slumber well past the work hour to, have Rimbaudesque adventures to, whatever you want to do, these tracks are for you. For anyone who can dig the darkest recesses of Leonard Cohen to the lightest butterfly moments of Satie. Enjoy, thank you all. Luv GS’ Gareth Sager, October 2017

‘There’s a hint of Satie but Sager is bluer, his music plain but forthright, clipped rather than gushing, an old punk’s inner melancholy let loose on an Abbey Road Studio One grand.’ The Arts Desk

‘Gorgeous, sweeping, grand compositions. Give 88 Tuned Dreams a listen and see what a real punk sounds like.’ Dagger Zine

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