Freaks artist Autumns presents ‘Dyslexia Tracks’, five tracks & thirty eight minutes of brutal beauty for Touch Sensitive

‘Sounds like Silent Servant on meth…RIYL Factory Floor, Powell, Not Waving, Marie Davidson.’ Boomkat

‘Brutal punishing rhythms. Industrial Trance. Dark Punk noise. Electro-Hardcore…Machines releasing volleys of percussion like automatic weapons into a World Unknown.’ Dr Rob (Ban Ban Ton Ton / Test Pressing)

Aligning itself closely to his recent devastating live performances – where snares (and belts) crack like whips and synthesizers “wriggle like a fucking eel” – ‘Dyslexia Tracks’ completes Autumns’ journey from his post-punk beginnings to producing some of the tautest and toughest electronic music we’ve heard in some time. From the Hidden Reverse of Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle to the futurism of Drexciya, Underground Resistance and other Detroit dons, Autumns sucks up influence and spits it out onto the darkest, sweatiest, haze-filled dance floors.

Launch Party

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