Thuban the new record by Lay Llamas featuring Mark Stewart is out now on Rocket Recordings

LISTEN to the ‘dystopian afrobeat’ of ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ featuring Mark’s spoken word contributions

Praise for ‘Fight Fire With Fire’:

“Mark Stewart’s (Pop Group) narration of a futuristic world devoid of humanity is literally neurotic. Human freaks proliferate from the ashes of corporate greed, political malfeasance and biological manipulation. Like Trump’s inner circle, or Italy’s Lega Party. Sci-fi doesn’t displace our contemporary world. It reflects on its more negative trends.” Soundblab Alternative Music

“‘Fight Fire With Fire’ takes the album is somewhat of a different direction with a spoken word from the Pop Group’s Mark Stewart. This dystopian track develops science fiction-style narrative making political points about a world where human of genetic variance are pitched again each other. It is intense and sinister… you really need to listen to it to understand the full drama here.” Psych Insight Music

“‘Fight Fire With Fire’, featuring the dystopian hued spoken-word courtesy of Mark Stewart, hangs suspended in a sea of glitchy reverberations and pulsing electronic atmospherics. Crawling feedback laden frequencies pull repetitive percussion and throbbing lines of melodic bass into the mix, instantly injecting structure and clarity into proceedings. This is addictive, brilliantly produced and another album highlight” Primal Music Blog