A Product of 30 Years of Violence is the latest release by Christian Donaghey aka Autumns. Made over the course of Summer/Autumn this year, it sees him unload a remorseless assailment of nihilistic noise, tainted techno and scorched minimal wave.

The latest addition to a body of work that has established Donaghey as an auspicious new artist on Karl O’Connor’s illustrious cult label Downwards (The KVB, Tropic of Cancer, DVA Damas) as well as Glasgow’s Clan Destine (Ela Orleans, Varg, Dirty Beaches) imprint, A Product of 30 Years of Violence maintains what Donaghey has so far outlaid whilst revealing a more expansive dimension to the Autumns project.

A swift sequel-of-sorts to his Das Nichts tape – released in February this year – it sustains the propulsive industrial discord that seethed at the heart of that five track dispatch. Sunken vocals, hails of harsh frequencies and locked drum machine rhythms combine to form a ruptured but resolute nerve. But as well as retaining the blistering furnace heat and metal dance roar of before, Donaghey opens up his characteristic grains of corrosive distortion to dead space and glacial aftermath.

A Product of 30 Years of Violence finds Donaghey reassuringly disposed to provocation and tension. Yet it also witnesses an inclination to head further out than ever before, as encapsulated in the tape’s closing moments, a final token of enervation and collapse, represented by a cold front of stratospheric drone and a formidable departure saturated with guilt, pleasure and disdain.

Pro Dubbed Limited Edition Cassette & Download

Out Now on Clan Destine Records

Artwork by Kerri LeBon



“An alien encounter scratch video creates a temporary autonomous zone, an illegal Bristol broadcast from St. Paul’s pirate tv channel. Max is a cinematic heretic.” Mark Stewart

“Working for The Pop Group has been an honour, their early work help set the foundations in Bristol for what would become an incredibly experimental and musically diverse city.” Max Kelan Pearce

The Pop Group have collaborated with one of Bristol’s most forward thinking and distinctive visual artists for the video of their first single Zipperface, taken from their forthcoming new album Honeymoon On Mars

Max Kelan Pearce is known for his use of defunct technology and his low-res, degraded style. Rooted in nonlinear structures and labour intensive processes Kelan’s experiments with VHS players, camcorders and digital manipulation have made him a leading video artist within the contemporary Bristol underground. As well as producing backdrops for New York dubstep institution Reconstrvct, Kelan has collaborated with a wide variety of artists in recent years (Hodge, Karen Gwyer, Creta Kano, Seekers International) and is best known for his affiliation with Bristol’s Young Echo collective, working on projects for the likes of Asda, Giant Swan, Jabu and O$VMV$M.

Mirroring the velocity and tension of Zipperface, as well as its themes of blackmail and thought control, Kelan has visualised a grotesque mindtrip that subverts the mundane with infestation, knife play and a psychedelic onslaught of superimposition and tape damage. It’s a striking audiovisual collaboration that brings together Bristol’s foremost provocateurs with the city’s latest wave of pioneering talent.

Zipperface is available as an instant download with pre-orders of Honeymoon On Mars via iTunes

via thepopgroup.net


Autumns has put together an eclectic mix for Phormix, the Athens based club night & mix series.

A 45 minute trip through dancefloor tyranny, industrial atmospherics & coltish post punk